Empower Pregnancy App



This is a work in progress.

I developed this concept in a 10-week design jam at Hacking Health 2016. Our final “deliverable” for the conference was a wire-frame which I prepared on PowerPoint.

redProblem:  There are many decisions to make during a pregnancy, and some patients lack the time or money to attend prenatal classes.

yasSolution: An app that helps patients and their partners navigate through their pregnancy and delivery, which they can access on the go, before and after healthcare provider appointments.


  • Collaborated closely with the doctor to ensure the medical accuracy of our app content
  • Brainstormed with the team to develop the first few drafts of the user experience 
  • Iterated on the graphic and UI design 
  • Created the final  wire-frame on PowerPoint for our conference



  • No programmer! (yet…)
  • Understanding medical information about pregnancy, and interpreting it into useful design decisions




  • I taught myself a lot about UI design!
  • Our conference presentation was well-received, and we gained helpful feedback from the judges to move ahead with the project




My iterations on the Timeline interface



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