nognz Brain Fitness app


nognz is a business that aims to transform learning through applied neuroscience. At the Centre for Digital Media , my team and I were tasked with creating a corporate training tool for them, in the form of a brain training app for the iPad. 

As the designer and artist, I:

  • brainstormed mini-game ideas to match the brain-training algorithms we were provided.
  • drafted rapid prototypes to test said ideas.
  • developed the “world” and user interface of the app.
  • iterated through various art styles to achieve the proper look and feel of the app.


  • My first experience creating an app
  • Trying to innovate on the brain-training genre while still keeping true to the algorithm of the puzzles we were provided 
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone to try different art styles for the nognz co-founders to approve.



  • We developed a minimum viable product for nognz to iterate on in the future
  • We innovated on the traditional grid used in most brain training apps, and made a hexagonal-grid for the puzzles to be displayed on



nognz01 nognz02 nognz03 nognz04 nognz05 nognz06 nognz07

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