“The King Was Sick” Game

TKWS2The King Was Sick is a 2D sidescrolling puzzle game developed in Unity. I created this project with 5 other classmates over the span of 6 weeks.

The goal of the game is to manipulate the storylines of 5 characters in order to fetch the cure for a sick king. The player can control a thief, servant, bird, hermit and king throughout the game.



  • Worked with an artist with a different art style. Together, we had to figure out something consistent for the project.
  • Preparing a pitch deck to gain approval from faculty
  • Giving a timed presentation to the cohort.
  • Short timespan to implement user test feedback.


  • A vertical slice of our game! 
  • Learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator
  • Recognized the importance of implementing assets earlier on in the project timeline








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